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Lot 228
Bob Kuhn (1920–2007)
Cape Buffalo (2000)
acrylic on board
15 x 20 in

“For many years now, I’ve been preaching to aspiring animal artists about the need to convey those gestures, poses and attitudes that spell out the character unique to an animal. And maybe that explains why I find Cape Buffalo so appealing; when it comes to character, they reek of it. The bulls are impressive beasts with their sweeping horns and dark, massive bodies. But it’s the way they look at you that says so much more about their truculent, intimidating nature. No matter where you encounter buffalo it seems that every last member of the herd will suddenly stop what its doing, swing its head in your direction, and stare right through you with pig-like eyes. It’s a look I love to paint, because it invariably says ‘Buffalo!’”– Bob Kuhn