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Lot 302
Z.S. Liang (1953–Present)
Protectors of the Tribe (2016)
oil on canvas
40 x 56 in

“The focal point of this painting is a group of Blackfeet warriors riding the flank position for the protection of the tribal camp movement. Each man has a role to play like soldiers in a military maneuver. The first warrior wears a ‘split horn’ bonnet, grizzly bear claw necklace and arm bands identifying him as a war chief and a ‘grizzly bear’ within his warrior society. The middle rider also has led numerous war parties and has earned many honors as a seasoned warrior, one of which is symbolized by the red hand print upon the rump of his war horse. The man on the right carries a short ‘stabber’ lance and shield, weapons that require strength and agility. This entire group is wholly dedicated to the protection of their people, the Blackfeet, raiders of the Northern Plains!” – Z.S. Liang