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Tucker Smith (1940–Present)
Packer Creek ()
oil on linen
32 x 40 in
Robert Bateman (1930 –Present)
Big Black ()
acrylic on canvas
36 x 36 in
Ken Carlson (1937–Present)
Above it All (2017)
oil on board
31 x 28 in
Robert Bateman (1930 –Present)
Mating Lions ()
oil on board
20 x 20 in
Carl Rungius (1869–1959)
At the Deadwater (1908)
oil on canvas
24 x 32 in
Lot 238
Tucker Smith (1940–Present)
Vigilance (2016)
oil on canvas
18 x 24 in

“I saw this cub and its mother early this summer. Grizzlies are making a comeback in our area and
have expanded their range. Sharing the back country with grizzlies adds a touch of spice to the experience. I have tried to convey some of that tension in the painting.” – Tucker Smith