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Robert Bateman (1930 –Present)
Swallow-Tailed Kite ()
acrylic on board
24 x 18 in
Bob Kuhn (1920–2007)
After the Short Rains (1993)
acrylic on board
20 x 48 in
Bob Kuhn (1920–2007)
Ghost of the Gobi (2000)
acrylic on board
14 x 28 in
Bob Kuhn (1920–2007)
Onward and Upward ()
acrylic on board
22 x 28 in
Lot 156
Bonnie Marris (1951–Present)
Family Ties (2016)
oil on canvas
36 x 48 in

“Family Ties is my celebration of the wonderful, complex social structure of a wolf pack. Each wolf has his or her place in the pack and all know and respect their leaders. Several times a day the group will demonstrate their place and ‘honor’ the alphas. How sad we as people can’t learn and live by such a beautiful, simple pact.” – Bonnie Marris