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Lot 199
Jenness Cortez (1944–Present)
Home on the Range (2016)
acrylic on mahogany panel
34 x 41 in

“Frank Tenney Johnson’s last painting, Somewhere on the Range, remained unfinished on his easel at the time of his sudden death in 1939. The painting showed promise of being one of the greatest of his cowboy nocturnes, but when the artist passed from this life, the lone painted rider was left with few details, no cattle, and worse yet, virtually no face. I’ve collaborated with Frank Tenney Johnson, in spirit, intending only to solidly complete this handsome painting as its creator would have done – had he been granted that luxury.
And where should such a painting hang? I’ve chosen for it a Home on the Range, filled with objects emblematic of American family life – in the broadest sense of those words. The elements are vintage and contemporary, rustic and refined, American Indian and pioneer. My hope is that the viewer finds pleasure in exploring the details of this Western life, as much pleasure as I’ve found in painting them.” – Jenness Cortez