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Robert Bateman (1930 –Present)
Evening Light ()
acrylic on board
28 x 48 in
Edgar Alwin Payne (1883–1947)
Sierra Lake ()
oil on canvas
22 1/4 x 26 1/4 in
Bob Kuhn (1920–2007)
His Elegance ()
acrylic on masonite
13 1/8 x 23 3/4 in
Ken Carlson (1937–Present)
Mule Deer ()
oil on board
18 x 27 in
Lot 325
Ralph Oberg (1950–Present)
High Summer Hideout (2016)
oil on linen
48 x 36 in

“High Summer Hideout was the result of a little solo hike I took last summer in the mountains near my home. For years, from a distance, I could see this small group of attractive peaks behind those generally in front of them, and resolved to get a closer look. A major and busy trail passes an obscure entrance to the side valley that leads to these hidden peaks, and I left the trail to explore this valley that it seemed few ever visit. Almost immediately I was seeing groups of elk cows and calves in this pristine summer green valley. Also, I noticed a fresh black bear print in the mud as I left my chosen tent site to continue higher. A few hours of climbing got me to this viewpoint just as the sun was setting. Still enjoying the regular elk sightings along the way, I returned down to my tent as it got dark. The next morning, not 50’ from my tent I discovered the black bears’ bed, and nearby his large toilet replete with the hair of calf elk. It was his fat season. I imagined the bulls in velvet from their safe and high vantage point” – Ralph Oberg