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Lot 86
Martin Grelle (1954–Present)
Fires Burned Out ()
oil on linen
48 x 36 in
Lot 91
Howard Terpning (1927–Present)
Major North and the Pawnee Battalion (1989)
oil on canvas
36 x 58 in
Martin Grelle (1954–Present)
Morning Chores ()
acrylic on canvas
20 x 18 in
Herman W. Hansen (1854–1924)
Two Cheyenne Scouts & The Short Cut (set of two) ()
watercolor and pencil on paper
29 1/8 x 19 3/8 (each) in
Edgar Alwin Payne (1883–1947)
Sierra Lake ()
oil on canvas
22 1/4 x 26 1/4 in
Jenness Cortez (1944–Present)
A Tale of Two Cultures ()
oil on mahogany panel
30 x 36 in
Lot 76a
Martin Grelle (1954–Present)
Strategies (2014)
oil on linen
40 x 50 in

"The backdrop for the painting is near a natural pass in what is now referred to as the Gravelly Range of mountains just west of the Madison River in southwest Montana.  I visited the area for a few days this summer and was struck by the beauty of the place.

The painting shows a small party of Apsaalooke, or Crow, as they travel through that country.  The party leader, or Pipe-Carrier, was responsible for the party’s actions as well as their well-being.  They were only there because they had honored his request to join him on this mission.  He has already directed some of the party to proceed down into the valley, and now explains his strategies to two of his closest companions, who will serve him as scouts, or “wolves”, and who will travel separately from the main party to check for any possible enemies or circumstances that could be detrimental to their party’s journey. " Martin Grelle, 2014